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Black Boar ATV

Black Boar ATV Rear Seat Lounger with Storage Box

Black Boar ATV Rear Seat Lounger with Storage Box

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The Black Boar ATV Rear Seat Lounger with Storage Box provides a comfortable cushioned ATV rear seat on the back of your vehicle and provides additional storage. The large-capacity storage box is dust and water-resistant with a tongue and groove lid system. It features over 7 cubic feet of storage space. Adjustable latches and a stainless-steel, rust-resistant lock with included keys help prevent theft. The durable, rotomolded polyethylene material is impact-resistant. All mounting hardware is included and compatible with most tubular racks. The ATV back seat lounger is for use when the vehicle is not in motion. The cushioned seat measures 20-inches (W) x 12-inches (D) x 16-inches (H) with the backrest measuring 13 ½-inches (H). The storage space measures 42-inches (L) x 26-inches (W) x 16-inches (H). Note: This product is shipped with the storage compartment unlocked with the hardware inside. To open the storage box, pull the straps from around the locks. This will allow the lid to open.  Item # 66010

 Note:  A $40.00 overweight / oversized shipping surcharge applies when ordering this item.  This item will only be shipped in the contiguous U.S.


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