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Black Boar ATV

Black Boar ATV / UTV Cultipacker Implement

Black Boar ATV / UTV Cultipacker Implement

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The Black Boar Cultipacker is useful for many different types of applications. It can be used to break up stubborn dirt clods, or pack down loose or freshly tilled earth, creating stabilizing effect on loose soil that will help prevent erosion. It forces seeds into the seed bed, which promotes better germination and crop density. 

NOTE: This product is for use with a Black Boar implement lift (items 66000 or 66013). Lift sold separately.

  • Breaks up clods, packs down loose soil and forces seeds into the seed bed for better water and nutrient absorption
  • Parallel linkage design maintains correct implement angle as it is lowered
  • Lightweight design is easy to install with one person and minimizes interference with maneuvering
  • Superior range of motion without having to move pins or manually drop the hitch
  • Made of durable steel with a streamlined, minimalist design. For use with Black Boar Implement Lift.




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